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Pricing Guide

Each shop restock contains a small batch ( typically between 8 -10) of individually handmade polymer clay figurines which are primarily equine based. All of my sculpted figurines are unique and made without the use of and kind of molds. Each Filly is stamped and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Pricing per Filly is dependent on how much detail and time is put into the piece.

Adult Fillies -
Standard Standing $215
Standard laying $175 ( solid color body /hair , no embellishments)

Decorated $235+

Dragons $135

Merfilly ( mermaid tail ) $165

SeaFilly ( seahorse ) $135

Fan art character Fillies starting at $200+

Commission prices are different from shop prices.

Whisper Fillies are filled with charisma and will certainly bring joy to your herd of tiny collectibles!

Although I am currently closed for custom orders, please watch my updates on Facebook/Instagram as I do open them occasionally with a few slots ( first come, first serve ) for new commissioned projects! If you ever have any questions, Please send me a message on facebook! 


Meet the Artist - Erin Gaboury

Meet the Artist: Erin Noyes

Hello there! I'm Erin Noyes, the passionate sculptor behind Whisper Fillies. With a decade of sculpting expertise under my belt, I specialize in bringing fantasy horses to life, infusing each creation with a touch of magic and wonder.

A Journey of Creativity:

My sculpting journey began a decade ago, sparked by my childhood fascination with My Little Ponies and the whimsical designs of the 80s and 90s. After spending 12 years as a professional pet groomer, I decided to pursue my true passion - sculpting fantasy horses that capture the essence of my favorite childhood toys and the enchantment of fantasy worlds.

Inspiration and Love for Fantasy:

I draw inspiration from all things fantasy and whimsical, allowing my imagination to roam freely in the realms of mythical creatures and magical landscapes. This love for fantasy infuses every Whisper Filly I create, transforming them into captivating and unique pieces of art that resonate with fantasy enthusiasts.

Life on the Farm:

In addition to being a dedicated artist, I am also a proud mom of two wonderful girls. We reside on a small hobby farm in rural western Massachusetts, where our days are filled with the delightful presence of our cat, standard poodle, two dwarf goats, and a lively flock of 20 chickens. Living amidst nature's beauty fuels my creativity, allowing me to craft sculptures that echo the harmony of rural life.

Join the Whisper Fillies Journey:

I invite you to join me on this magical adventure as I continue to sculpt and share my love for fantasy through Whisper Fillies. Each creation is a piece of my heart and soul, waiting to find a special place in the hearts of fellow dreamers. Thank you for being a part of this whimsical journey!

Warmest Wishes,

Erin Noyes
Sculptor, Whisper Fillies

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Want to see other collectors proud Filly displays? See photos of excited new Filly parents or read reviews and raves about my sculptures! Please join the fun over on my Friends of Whisper Fillies group fan page on Facebook!!! Feel free to introduce yourself and become part of the obsession! 

Friends of Whisper Fillies Fan page

Collectible Fantasy Sculptures

Crafted with love by Erin Gaboury

My whisper fillies are keeping me company and lifting my spirits during these uncertain times. Can’t help but smile whenever I look at them, regardless of what’s going on in the world right now. - Carla

Absolutely beautiful!! I lack the words to describe the craftsmanship of these creatures!  


Queen Mab is so gorgeous❤!!! Pictures really just don't capture her beauty, she has so much glitter and sparkle 


She is so incredibly beautiful! Pictures just don't do her justice. Highly recommend this shop to any horse or sculpture lover! Beware, you will want to buy them all!!


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