Whisper Fillies Pride ( Blue  ) the Seafilly

Whisper Fillies Pride ( Blue ) the Seafilly

Whisper Fillies
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I'd like you to meet Pride, the Merfilly. 

She is in a sitting position measuring approximately 4” tall ( mid size Filly). This unique Filly was made with with polymer clay, all of her details sculpted by hand. She is sitting in a clear shot glass with the basin filled with glittery resin. 

She was sculpted with Sculpey Premo colored polymer clay, hand painted glass eyes and cruelty free lashes. All of my figurines are crafted without the use of molds.

Each Whisper Filly figurine is Hand stamped to ensure you are receiving a unique and genuine hand made Filly.
You will also receive a Signed Certificate of Authenticity with each Figurine purchased.


This listing will be shipped via USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING WITH TRACKING for Domestic US ( Insurance included for US domestic ) 


First Class International 


When you receive your new little friend, please open the package very carefully! Polymer clay is a durable clay, however it IS breakable! These little ladies are crafted with extreme care and I wish them safe passages to their new homes, but if they happen to jump out of your hand at any time and break an ear, don't worry, it won't hurt them. Simply add a small dab of Super glue gel ( I recommend Scotch Brand ) and hold it firmly for a minute and all should be fixed.
I accept returns on a case by case basis, as most of my work isIf you have any problems please contact me ri

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Polymer clay figurines are not toys, please be sure to keep all Whisper Fillies figurines safely out of reach from children. Broken pieces of polymer clay can pose as a choking hazard and should be either glued back onto the figurine immediately or thrown away.