Whisper Fillies Commission Filly DEPOSIT
Whisper Fillies Commission Filly DEPOSIT
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Whisper Fillies Commission Filly DEPOSIT

Whisper Fillies
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**** This $250 DEPOSIT fee allows the buyer to claim 1 commission. Only one purchase per person per round of commissions.

**** FULL PRICING POSTED BELOW- buyer responsible for remaining charges depending on custom work done. 
ONCE YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY MADE YOUR PURCHASE- please send me a message on Facebook or Instagram with the completed commission template and I will contact you back as soon as possible to help come up with a perfect plan to complete your Filly! 

Thank you for your interest in bringing a Whisper Filly into your home!
Whisper Fillies are highly addictive, collectible handmade fantasy figurines sculpted from Polymer clay.
Each one is sculpted entirely by hand without the use of any molds. Whisper Fillies are a unique design, highly inspired by my love for Ponies, and all things cute ❤.

This listing is for the DEPOSIT & SHIPPING fee on a Whisper Filly Custom order figurine.

This commission listing is for your choice of a:
Fantasy Horse ( unicorn, Pegasus, Kirin ) / Non Fantasy horse 

I am not accepting commissions for any Disney Princess themed Fillies/ dogs/cats or any other animals other than those specified above.

Purchaser will be responsible for remaining cost after figurine is completed.
Once the figurines are completed and are approved by the buyer, I will create a new listing with the remaining balance that the buyer will have 14 days to purchase before they will be offered for up for sale via My website adoption.
Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE once I have started the commission!

STARTING price for figurines are posted below for standard designs with basic detail.

•Unicorn /Pony - laying $275

•Unicorn /Pony - Standing $325, rearing $425

•Deer / Kirin ) $345

•Carousel designs BEGIN at $600

Adding wings can range from $25-100 depending on style and positioning of wings.

Feathered feet add on - $35 

***Character Filly Commissions start at $375 and can range much higher depending on heavy amounts of detail work ( MLP / video game / any fan art style etc ) *** I AM NOT ACCEPTING ANY DISNEY PRINCESS COMMISSIONS ***

- please note that not all characters can be made, for example, heavy detail like a Spider-Man Filly would not be something I would be able to make as all of my designs are made from clay and I rarely paint detail onto my Fillies. Cutie marks are typically made in clay and are a 3D style or a simple design may be painted on, detailed markings will be an additional fee.

*I will not make any One of a kind Fillies that have been auctioned on EBay*

Added features such as Wooden rockers, heavy flower detail, multi colored hair (3 or more colors ), gemstones, costumes, etc. are all additional fees and will be calculated to the total. .

Please allow approximately 8 weeks for your order to be completed. I will attempt to complete them sooner than the 8 week timeframe, however I work in my downtime around my children's schedule and shopify adoptions.


Each Whisper Filly figurine is Hand stamped and comes with an official signed Whisper Fillies Certificate of authenticity to ensure you are receiving a genuine hand made Filly. If you have a name for the Filly that you would like to be written on her certificate of authenticity, please notify me.


Commissioned Fillies are NOT considered one of a kind and can be requested ( although very unlikely) to be remade in future commission sales ( Fan art commissions may be remade for future sales ). The only “one of a kind” Fillies I offer are listed on eBay so everyone has a chance to own them fairly and are specifically labeled ONE OF A KIND.

This listing will be shipped via USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING WITH INSURANCE AND TRACKING ( domestic ) and first class for international orders. Each package is carefully packed with upmost care to ensure a safe delivery.

When you receive your new little friend, please open the package very carefully! Polymer clay is a durable clay, however it IS breakable! These little ladies are crafted with extreme care and I wish them safe passages to their new homes, but if they happen to jump out of your hand at any time and break an ear, don't worry, it won't hurt them. Simply add a small dab of Super glue gel ( I recommend Scotch Brand ) and hold it firmly for a minute and all should be fixed.
I accept returns on a case by case basis, as most of my work is custom. If you have any problems please contact me right away.

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Polymer clay figurines are not toys, please be sure to keep all Whisper Fillies figurines safely out of reach from children. Broken pieces of polymer clay can pose as a choking hazard and should be either glued back onto the figurine immediately or thrown away.
These Fillies are collectible art figurines and should not be handled by anyone under the age of 13.